Pppoe dropping about once a month

  • Hello we have a SG-2220 running 2.3.2-RELEASE.

    We are noticing that about once a month the PPPoE connection fails and we have to reboot the SG-2220 for the pppoe link to resume.  Apart from that everything else runs stable.

    Has anyone else seen something like this?  System logs are attached showing the point in which the connection drops, it seems to then re-establish ok only to drop and never try again.  We are in the UK - ISP is BT, connected via their Hub5 (in bridge mode).

    OPT1 ( = port to ISP router
    WAN = The PPPoE link running over OPT1
    LAN = local LAN

  • Hello,
    If you disable and then re-enable the WAN interface start again to work?
    Or do you strictly need to reboot?

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