• Hi guys,

    im trying to setup a 2 wan - 1 lan config. I did everything i thought of but i cant convince pfsense machine to
    work with the second wan. It sees the second gateway offline.
    First wan is setup as a pppoe, the second as a static ip. I checked the second wan+gw connection with a laptop and its online and working.
    Any ideea?  (at first i tougth you cant combine pppoe and static ip, but google says it can be done)

  • I expect your second wan is failing one or more of the thresholds for latency or packet loss and getting marked down. You can see the parameters under System>Routing>Gateways.  Select Edit and click the Display Advanced button. In there you will see settings for latency and packet loss. Generally the defaults should work okay. You might have to adjust them slightly once you see where it's failing.  You can examine the log and see why its getting marked down bay going to Status>System Logs>System>Gateways. Filter for the WAN2 entries. You should be able to see where it's failing and then either correct the problem or adjust the thresholds to make it pass the test.


  • Thanx Mark for your reply, the problem was in the gateway menu, i should have put a value , other than "0" in "data payload" field.
    But now I've got another question: why cant i acces web gui from wan using the second ip (static) ? It works only with the first wan ip (pppoe) !