PfSence on SuperMicro 813M-6 - any thought?

  • Hi there,

    I'm planning to move from WG750e to a SuperMicro 813M-6 (X8DTL-iF main-board) with 2x Quad core Xenon, 10G of RAM etc. (yes, I know but I don't have anything better to do with it either) and thinking for taking one CPU and one CPU fan out to keep the heat and noise down. My question is is there any added benefit for pfSense at all having that extra 4-core and 10G of memoty? I've ordered a 4-port Intel I350-T4 PCIe card to use it, which can take advantage of multiple cores but 4 should be enough - right? My concern is the heat and the noise level, whch I want to keep it as minimum as possible. Any advice/suggestions??


  • Build a basement

  • @heper:

    Build a basement

    Oh dear!! Already having enough troubles putting my kit in the attic  :D
    My main question was is there any benefit for putting 8-core in pfSense? Anything more than 1xCPU/4-core and 4GB RAM can be beneficial from any aspect for a home network?


  • Hope you didn't pay too much.

    Don't get me wrong, it's my goto system right now - same board, but in a 2u short depth chassis.

    Been picking them up on ebay with dual 5620's, 12G and an intl quad port for $150.

    About the only thing lacking is dual p/s.

    There is nothing really to gain using dual proc, if you aren't going to use the resources.

    If you had a gb wan connection, a large family all connected at once, with max security and a bunch of addons - maybe.

    Keep in mind that even though that cpu has aes-ni, it's an older version that has a lot lower throughput than current xeons (or Core for that matter.)

    iirc, you can disable one proc in the bios, which makes more sense as it is less likely to be damaged or lost in a chassis than sitting in a drawer.

  • nope! Didn't pay anything for the server at all. Decommissioned at work, so got it for free.
    I don't think you can disable one CPU in the BIOS, at least I don't see the option. I was told (elsewhere) that the only way is to take it off of the board. If you see the BIOS option, could mind letting me know pls?


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