20080822-1143 Snapshot won't install on Dell 600SC

  • I decided to check out the latest version today and found that it won't install on my hardware.  I'm using a Dell 600SC server.  It uses the ServerWorks chipset, so I suspect that may be the problem, though it could be the Promise SATA TX2Plus controller that I also have in this unit.  (The Parallel ATA controller on the ServerWorks chipset stinks.)

    Another poster stated that they had problems with their PE600SC with several Intel cards installed, so that makes me point at the SATA controller.

    At any rate, it stops during boot at:
    /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x80c2c6 data=0xb5504+0x6b0fc /

    Any suggestions? (short of yanking the SATA controller and installing a PATA drive - I might do that anyhow, but would rather use the Raptor drive in this since I plan to use it as a proxy too, if that will work under 1.3's alpha)


  • Looks like it switched to serial console.

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