Help with PFsense hardware setup.

  • Hello guys please be patient with me on these maybe stupid hardware choices. Im not sure what is best for my HOME setup and needs… I want to use PFsense to increase my VPN client speeds with PIA.

    My ISP speeds are 150/15 and right now I run a R7000 with DD-WRT setup with Openvpn and my max speeds are 30Mbps down, this is probably a hardware limitation, as I setup an old Pentium Dual-Core E6300 @ 2.80GHz with PFsense and OpenVPN and my speeds are now 60Mbps... so now is my question about hardware.

    I was reading about PFsense on server hardware and can get for $100 canadian

    -PowerEdge 1950 Gen iii w/ 2x Intel(R) Quad Core Xeon(R) CPU E5440 @ 2.83GHz (8 Cores) 16gb ecc ram

    Or none server hardware $150

    Intel Core i5 2400 (3.10 GHz)QUAD-CORE 8GB DDR3 Ram

    I don't think the Power-edge can do AES-NI and the i5 can whats my best option, if any? and will i see any speed increase with any of these? I don't have a huge budget. thanks for the input

  • Hi,
    You may take a look at this:

  • thanks I'm an idiot for not looking there first…