Route 2 different networks

  • Hi, I have 2 Networks: => Gateway => Gateway

    Now I haver a Server (Debian Proxmox)  with 2 nics:

    Eth0 => Network
    Eth1 => Network

    I installed pfsense on a VM with 2 NICs
    eth0 is
    eth1 is

    I want to set pfsense on some of the computer of my LAN ( ) as a gateway to go to internet. (This router is faster thant the other)

    I´m noob with pfsense… so... how to say to fresh installed pfsense: all the traffic that comes from LAN (eth0) route all to eth(1) ?

    I know we can do it with VLANs but in our scenario it is not possible.

    Thanks a lot

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator


    Makes no sense…  So you want to replace your current router(s) with pfsense?  These routers you have at and another one at, I assume you have different ISPs??  Why not just use pfsense with dual wan and use 1 network behind and then let pfsense load balance or failover or use policy routing to determine what host uses what wan connection based up whatever criteria you want to use, etc.