SG-2220 - power consumption - SSD or not?

  • Hello,

    my wan: 500 Mbit Throughput, 100 Mbit VPN

    So because of the low power consumption, I'm thinking about the SG-2220.
    Should I buy it with SSD or without? (especially because I would like to use snort)
    If i buy a SG-2220 with SSD… does this change the idle power consumption?

    Does anyone tested the power consumption for a normal day (private use) or the maximal power consumption?

  • Get the SSD, you will not regret it long term. Idle power consumption may go up but only a tiny amount.

    I don't have a 2220 so I can't give you numbers on it.

  • Hi

    If you enable ACHI power management with some settings (see and SATA section) you should find the drive consumption makes negligible difference as it spends a lot of time powered down and so doesn't register.  I used hint.ahcich.<drive>.pm_level=5.

    Overall I found the power consumption of the SSD 99% of the time registered no difference to overall power consumption, but running from a USB key the embedded version showed the USB stick was drawing a constant 1 watt of power.



  • Yea buy a cheap ssd it brings ultra low power and zero noise, especially alongside a fanless build.

  • I went with the store's SSD option myself, you get pfSense installed and ready to run with no aggravation on your part.

  • What kind of optimizations do you people do on your SSD installations?

    I found a thread where it is suggested to delete the /swap partition upon installation, disable logging (use remote server), do not use caching, disable RRD graphs (they write to disk every minute), use SMART monitoring to foresee failures, etc. There's also some suggestions to enable TRIM and set certain sysctl parameters.


  • I left mine set up just as they built it aside from enabling trim.

    If you read old posts where folks obsess over drive lifetimes and you spend hours tweaking to make sure yours lives as long as possible you are likely wasting your time and giving up nice to have features only to insure the SSD lasts something like 20 years instead of 10. Look at the lifetime data writes that current SSDs have and compare that to how much pfSense writes, unless you have a lot of users and add-on packages that write lots of data per user you are going to be nowhere near the lifetime limits for many years. MIcron mentions 74TB written, about 40GB per day for 5 years if I added right.

    My 2440 came with a Crucial/Micron MX100/MX200/M5x0/M600 the Percent_Lifetime_Used is zero, Total_Host_Sector_Writes is 763,732,205 in about 3400 hours of operation. I have added pfBlockerNG to the stock setup which accounts for some of the writes. Until I can get the lifetime used counter to go to 1% I can't really estimate how long the SSD will last here but it looks to be way longer than I plan on using the 2440.

    With root at 1% used and /var/run at 4% I have plenty of space for wear leveling too so I'll see many, many years of use before I see any problems.

  • thank you very much.

    So, I ordered the SG-2220 with SSD.

    Ist there any option to check the integrity of the installed pfsense, because pfsense is pre-installed?

  • Not that I know of.