Hosts file

  • On my prior firewall & os the firewall read the hosts file and used that info.

    Is there a way in pfSense to define lan hosts so that when reading the firewall log my lan hosts show up by name instead of ip?

  • You can use Host Overrides in DNS resolver and DNS forwarder.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I don't think that will resolve names in the firewall log. I can't see resolving names before they are placed in the log as being a good idea. This is probably something better done by an external logging and presentation facility.

    You can attempt resolution of an entry that interests you by clicking the i next to the IP address.

  • Yeah you still have to hit the "+" icons to resolve them, on the bright side, once the hosts is resolved it updates all entries that have the hosts.

    pfBlockerNG logs have the option to Auto Resolve IPs.