ipv6 address network not work

  • I an using ipv6 network visit ipv6 network not work, only ipv4 address is work.

    could you tell me how fix it?

  • Hi,

    To fix it, you - and we - should know what's wrong.
    So, tell us about it ;)
    I can guarantee you that I visit this forum, and posting right know, using IPv6. My ISP doesn't offer me any IPv6 networking, so I'm using IPv6-tunnel from, like you.

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    Sure looks like its working to me..  I use HE.. going to need a bit more info to try and help you..

    What doesn't seem to be working is the IP you posted from that you see in the bottom right of your posts.  Works when you post via ipv4, but seems when you post via ipv6 its just blank?  See 2nd pic.

  • ( test with IPv6 )

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    so do you see your ipv6 IP in the bottom right corner or is just blank?

  • Blank when posting using IPv6.
    Probably SMF isn't 100 % IPv6 ready  ;)

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    yeah my guess as well.  Prob should put in a post about that on the feedback section

  • I repaired it  ;D

    edit : reverse DNS brings you right to my PC  :o

    root@ns311465:~# host 2001:470:1f13:5c0:2::c6 domain name pointer

    The good old 'nasty' NAT isn't protecting me anymore …. good things I use a real firewall : pfSense  ;D

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    repaired what?  The forum not showing your ipv6 as the posting IP?

  • @johnpoz:

    repaired what?  The forum not showing your ipv6 as the posting IP?

    I was kidding. I inserted my IPv6 myself - but maintain that I'm using IPv6 right now.

    @yon : sorry for hijacking your question.

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    yon didn't really have a valid question did he ;)  Do you go tot he mechanic and tell your car is broke.  Or do you actually give him something to work with.  Clearly pfsense both their website and the forums are working via ipv6.  We are two examples of this working with HE.

    So without more info can not help yon with his issue.  I did post in the feedback about the smf showing just blank when you use ipv6 to post.  Lets see if that gets any responses, etc.

    My guess with yon issue would be dns related.  He is worried about leaking and wants to use dnscrypt, etc.  Lots of posts from him about this as I recall.  So if he is saying that can not get to pfsense via ipv6 it would be something to do with his dns.

    Do a simple query for AAAA, does that come back, if so do a traceroute via ipv6.. What do you get then?  Do you have your browser set to only use ipv4? etc.

    [2.3.2-RELEASE][root@pfSense.local.lan]/root: dig AAAA +short
    [2.3.2-RELEASE][root@pfSense.local.lan]/root: traceroute6 -n 2610:160:11:11::69
    traceroute6 to 2610:160:11:11::69 (2610:160:11:11::69) from 2001:470:snipped::2, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
     1  2001:470:snipped::1  19.536 ms  16.563 ms  16.719 ms
     2  2001:470:0:6e::1  14.816 ms  21.336 ms  10.652 ms
     3  2001:470:0:298::2  31.977 ms  26.821 ms  36.458 ms
     4  2001:504:f::53  27.405 ms  27.540 ms  27.381 ms
     5  2001:1998::66:109:6:156  34.342 ms
        2001:1998:0:4::168  29.418 ms
        2001:1998:0:4::30  27.808 ms
     6  2001:1998:0:4::a2  39.598 ms  51.622 ms  38.895 ms
     7  2001:1998:0:4::9d  34.560 ms  35.239 ms  45.263 ms
     8  2001:1998:0:4::d3  65.114 ms  60.175 ms  63.871 ms
     9  2001:1998:0:8::b  76.090 ms  68.003 ms  66.558 ms
    10  2605:6000:0:4::33  66.530 ms  66.016 ms  67.393 ms
    11  2605:6000:0:4::3:360  81.058 ms  68.354 ms  75.037 ms
    12  2605:6000:0:4::1f:817  67.823 ms  65.285 ms  65.309 ms
    13  2605:6000:0:4::f:1161  65.633 ms  65.863 ms  70.581 ms
    14  2605:6000:0:8::f:111f  62.791 ms  62.505 ms  65.822 ms
    15  2610:160::ffff:4014:e596  62.790 ms
        2610:160::ffff:4014:e592  169.814 ms  213.932 ms
    16  2610:160:11::10  63.441 ms
        2610:160:0:12::4  63.001 ms  66.923 ms
    17  2610:160:11::10  67.601 ms
        2610:160:11:1000::4  64.615 ms
        2610:160:11::10  63.433 ms
    18  2610:160:11:11::69  66.903 ms  63.198 ms  74.324 ms

  • hi。。,I'm sorry I delayed reply,So I just now fix it and login the forum site.

    So PF 2.3.2-RELEASE maybe change something , i have to rebuild ipv6 network config,  and i setup LAN for  Specific ipv6 Gateways and setup ipv6 interface  for MSS is 1440.

    just now it is seem is work now.

  • if the MSS not setup,then i am can't visit the PF site.

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    I don't need to do that.. But my mtu on my gif to HE is set to 1480 mtu
    gif0: flags=8051 <up,pointopoint,running,multicast>metric 0 mtu 1480</up,pointopoint,running,multicast>