Limit a router speed and block BitTorrent

  • Hi All,

    I have a small office. The Internet is passing from PFsense ( I've assigned one separate router from PFsense to someone ( What I'm looking for is.

    • Upload & Download Speed Limit of 512 KBit/sec for and all devices connected under that router

    • Completely Block BitTorrent for and all devices connected under that router.

    • Avoid Illegal and adult sites

    I'm not too much experienced in this but I can self do it with your assistance. I have checked some traffic shape's "Limiter" and "Layer7", and I'm quite confused. I need these 3 simple things. First two points are most important. Can you please guide me how to do the same?

    Pfsense Version - 2.2.6-RELEASE


  • #1 is easy with limiters

    #2 is extremely difficult if not impossible

    #3 is not easy but you will need some kind of URL filter like squid + squidGuard + blacklist, or a sanitized DNS service.

  • Hi KOM,

    Can you please share some steps or tutorial link for #1.

    For #2, what could be the alternate solution?

    For #3, I'll check it myself once and update here.


  • I would highly recommend that you upgrade your unit to 2.3.2.

    YouTube has some How-To videos, a quick search shows lots of articles on the web about using limiters.

    #2 is hard because BitTorrent was designed to avoid filtering and use as much bandwidth as possible (by default).  The only way to avoid it without expensive DPI would be for you to classify every traffic type that you expect to see on your network and block all else.  Even that can be gotten around by using port 80 for your BT port, for example.