Installation Options

  • I have used pfSense firewalls in the past, but this will be my first time installing on fresh hardware.

    I am using a Jetway HBJC153F9HG-2930-B (…
    Intel Celeron N2930 SoC, 1.83GHz - 2.1GHz Burst, Quad-Core
    4 x Intel i211AT Gig Ethernet
    Intel HD Graphics with VGA
    1 Embedded USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0
    and have added...
    SODIMM DDR3L 8GB 1600 1.35V - CRUCIAL

    When I go to download the OS, I see options for AMD64 (64-bit) or i386 (32-bit) for the Architecture and CD, USB or Embedded for the Platform.

    The network has 10-15 computers/phones, 2 printers, 1 wireless AP and 10 VoIP phones as well as a micro PC for the VoIP. No VLAN. A few ports needs to be forwarded to the VoIP box (which also runs as the DHCP server). We are replacing a small business firewall from TP-Link because the VoIP provider is blaming it for not keeping up with the network demand.

    What do you suggest for the Architecture and Platform?

  • For all 64-bit AMD and Intel equipment, use the AMD64 image (the "AMD" is from past history of the evolution of that instruction set - both AMD and Intel make processors that have the "AMD64" architecture/instruction set.

    USB can be be easily written to a USB stick, and you can boot from that to do the install.

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