• Hi,

    I setup a load balancer pool and two virtual servers (one on my dmz net and the other on the wan).

    The Load Balancer Status page says that the servers in the pool are up - but requests to the virtual server IPs don't get through.  I noticed that the "slb" rdr anchor is empty; is that right?

    pfctl -a slb -s rules

  • So which is it – it's working fine for everyone else or nobody else is using the incoming load balancer on 1.2.1?  :-)

  • We're seeing the same problem with the rev we just downloaded today.  To clarify we're talking about inbound load balancing, where we take inbound WWW requests and distribute to multiple servers.

    We see the configuration information in the XML file when we backup the configuration.

    			<desc>Load balance test pool</desc>
    			<desc>Virtual IP address for our test servers</desc>

    When we dump the pf conf  using pfctl we see no references to the pool.  Two of us currently tracking it down. But since we're newbies it's slow going.  Hints and Suggestions very welcome! ::)

  • Hi All,

    Load Balancing is now working for us.  Suspect operator error, we reloaded factory defaults and reconfigured from scratch.  Just verified that everything is working as expected.

    Regards, Bill

  • Hi Bill,

    What is different in your configuration now than before?

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