Two lan two wan

  • I have two lan and two wan i have them as separate networks but i need some advice on setting up captive portal  along with freeRadius2 on them. I configured it before using two separate captive portal and in freeradius2 i made two separate NAS/CLIENT. I saw that captive portal has the option to configure secondary radius server so that means i would only need one captive portal to be linked to freeRadius NAS/Client but i only get the option to select one RADIUS NAS IP Attribute and i have two lans.

    So I am wondering which is better two separate CP or one?

  • My opinion of course: If the users are the same ones for both networks, just use the one Radius server. Either site the radius system on a network which the PFS can see (OPT1 network?) or optionally dual-NIC the Radius box and have each network point to the respective IP on those NICs.

  • Noted I can't seem to understand clearly what your saying in the second sentence of your paragraph though. Can you put it in more of a layman's term.

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