Counter Strike:Source server invisible to internet.

  • I cannot figure out how to get my server visible on the internet using port forwarding. I can get ftp, BCDC+ working just fine and easy but not the game server.
    All I've ever done with any other router, is forward port 27016 to my servers LAN IP. But for some reason, this is not working with PF Sense beta 3.
    Someone have an idea? Or someone have a game server behind PF Sense and working?

  • It may require a static port assignment.  Search for the forums for static-port and voip.

    Sounds like a similar situation.

  • Well, not sure what I did but it's workin now.
    I deleted all the rules and started over. Now it's working. Go figure.

  • OOPS, I spoke too soon. After I confirmed it was working, I then ran the Traffic Shaping wizard and it seems to have broken it again.
    Will delete rule and create again and see if that fixes it.

    EDIT: Haven't been able to get it going again. Not sure what got it working the first time even.
    Bittorrent works, ftp server works, BCDC+ works, why won't Counter Strike dedicated server?

  • Ok, I got it working again. After hours and hours of trying differnet things and then re-reading CAREFULLY the topic of static-routes, I seem to have success.
    I was trying to write a new outgoing NAT rule instead of just editing the default one that was already there. All I did was click the "Static Port" box.
    I'm going to get some sleep now. Maybe. :)

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