Problems with outgoing connections via ipsec

  • I'm trying to make a connection from my pfsense machine to a Fortigate firewall at work. The tunnel is up according to the status page and the Fortigate firewall. The problem is that i can't connect to anything in the remote network. If i ping a known ip in the remot network i get:
    Reply from Destination host unreachable. ( is the ip of my firewall)

    In the remote network i can connect to machines in my network without any problem.

    It's not a firewall issue in the Fortigate box. It works with the same configuration in the Fortigate if i use a small red box from hell (a Watchguard Firewall) instead of the Fortigate machine at home. The problem with the watchguard is that the entire box is unstable.

    On my pfsense machine i have the following configuration:
    2 WAN interfaces (i get 5 IPs from my ISP via DHCP)
    1 LAN interface
    1 WLAN interface for testing
    1 OpenVPN tunnel to the pfsense machine at my family's house

    I do a manual load balance with Advanced Outbound NAT.

    If i create the same tunnel on my family's machine it works without any problems. Their firewall is running 1.2

    I have tried to upgrade to a 1.2.1 snapshot but no luck. I was going to upgrade to 1.3 but it isn't compatible with my configuration backup and the interface configuration was broken.

    If i the WLAN interface the configration is basicly same except for the second wan interface.

    Is it the multi wan configuration that gives me this problem?

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