Help with proper routing setup

  • Hello all,

    I'm a bit confused on the proper way to set this up.  Current setup is as follows:

    Location A:
    Wan: 2 bonded t1s.  static ip.
    Lan:\24.  static
    opt1:\24.  static
    opt2:\24.  static
    pptp server: - works fine
    ipsec site to site vpn with location C - Works fine

    Location B:
    Wan:  Static ip. pppoe
    lan:\24 static

    Location C:
    Wan static ip.  pppoe
    lan\24 static

    Okay.  location A and B are a few miles appart connected to the same subnet via a wireless link (big commercial 54 Mbs microwave transmitter).  At location B I have static routes to the subnets for location A and C.  C has routes for A and B.  Everything seems to work ok, however, Should I add another interface to location B and make the subnet for the wireless link something else?  also, I had at one point, setup load balancing with the gateway at location B from location A.  This actually seemed to work ok.  One main problem im seeing is that since the default gateway at location B is the pfsense box at that location, the packets are going from lan at location A to opt2 and to the dest host.  The packet doesnt hit the pfsense box at location B.  The ack packets are then send to the pfsense box and routed back to location A.  Does it cause a problem that the packet comes from ip .3 and the return route has to hit .1 first? Why does pfsense perform NAT from lan to opt2?  When a connection is established, it shows as the source when it really is from the 151 subnet at loc A.

    Sorry, i know this is a confusing setup (at least to me).  It seems i need a better way to do this.  The rules and fowarding have my head going in circles.  Both location A and B host several services to the net.


    Also what are you ultimately trying to achieve?

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