Possible sharing a directory

  • Hello guys,

    i'm new in freeBSD, playing more on Linux..so is it possible to sharing a directory on pfsense?
    in case like this:
    i have 1 hdd with 20 GB and pfsense on 2 GB space, i made a partition on 18GB space left called /cache for squid cache (i don't know is it possible too? because i'm migrating from debian+squid, and i've backup all squid cache. Planning to drop all cache to /cache on pfsense, please confirm if it's possible.)
    Now, i have 1 hdd with 80 GB no partition, planning for drop some files from network (e.g samba, nfs, ftp, or else?), is it possible? if possible, what kind of filesystem should be created? how to mount it to directory (e.g /data)

    many thank's, cheers ^^

  • No - see the threads on FreeNAS.

  • hello Cry Havok,

    thx for the answer, i'm now looking for old PC with my large hdd to build freeNAS  ;)

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