Blacklist won't download (2.3.2, Firefox)

  • I'm trying to set up squidguard, so i installed both squidguard and squid, and when i enable blacklist, i try to download the filter from shallalist, and when i click download, the screen reloads without showing up any errors.

    The url is correct, because from the pfsense console i downloaded it with curl, and put it in /tmp since the GUI says i can use local resources.

    So i try /tmp/blacklist.tar.gz and the same problem happens.

    This is on latest pfsense 2.3.2.

    Is there some log i can check to see what's causing this?

  • Ok, with internet explorer i could download the list. So there's either a firefox bug or a scripting bug on pfsense itself, however, no errors are shown on firefox web console