Thoughts / Suggestions for Expanding HA Sync Options

  • Greetings,

    First off, awesome product!  Just received some new hardware and setting them up now.

    How hard would be to add some HA sync options to auto install/uninstall packages that were installed on the MASTER onto the Backup?  Granted, yes, it doesn't take long to log into the Backup and install the package but from an efficiency perspective, to have it auto install/uninstall would be REALLY nice.

    That also goes for a number of the other pages that don't sync over that, if desired, need to be manually updated.

    Are there reasons for why the HA Sync options are the way they are?  If there is a very specific coding reason/limitation, I would imagine there is no reason to read on.  Otherwise, here is my Example and hi level suggestion.

    Example:  Under the HA sync there is the option to replicate the Certificates to the Backup but under System: Advanced: Admin Access > Webconfigurator, why not have an option to replicate that change/selection over to the Backup upon saving?

    Suggestion: Referencing the same topic as the 'Example' did, allow the setting title (ie; SSL Certificate) to be selected and when clicked on, it turns 'Green' or bold indicating that the option should be replicated over to the backup.  In HA Sync, include the option to select individual settings to be replicated over during a sync (ie; 'System: Advanced: Admin Access' page).  In general, this would allow hi level control over whether a page, tab, or section could even be selected to be replicated when saved (for security reasons, System Admin might restrict the ability to auto replicate changes on the firewall and restrict the ability to make changes to the HA Sync settings.  Having this type of flexibility opens the door for change control approval to replicate changes to the backup when the 'Systems Admin' logs in.  The items to be replicated to the Backup could pop up when the System Admin logs in.  Something similar to a crash dump notification.

    With all that said, I realize that just adds to the coding, some of the settings are set once and forgotten, and some options shouldn't be replicated because it would cause networking issues.  It's for that exact reason that it would be nice to have it.  After a firewall has been setup for a period of time, those none sync'd settings, when changed, more often then not are going to be overlooked as needing to be updated on the backup.  IF and/or when a fail over occurs, the changes that were updated 6 months ago on the MASTER are there on the Backup.  If they are NOT and a fail over does occur, anomalies are introduced that complicate the situation because an advanced settings wasn't update on the backup.

    I realize this is a lot and I'm short on time so this was more so a brain dump so my apologies if you are scratching your head.  If there is an interest in my 'idea' feel free to pepper me with questions and/or a request to clarify.

    Thanks again for an awesome product and I look foreword to your comments/questions.


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