Working great except when using DHCP for WAN interfaces

  • To solve a double NAT situation, I configured my modems for bridged mode and set the pfsense firewall WAN interfaces to pull public IP addresses via DHCP.  Everything is fine until a modem hiccups, or possibly gets a new IP (not sure which).  Suddenly, computers on the LAN have problems getting out or other bizarre behavior.

    A gateway will always show down while this is going on and never seems to recover without a reboot.  I just reboot the firewall and everything is fine.  I don't remember this ever happening when I had the WAN interfaces set to private IP's, and let the modems handle public IP renewal (firewall IP's were in the DMZ's of the modem networks).

    In Advanced/Misc/Gateway Monitoring, the following is checked: "State Killing on Gateway Failure"
    Could this be the problem?

    Any idea what's going on?  This probably makes no difference, but I have no problems coming in, e.g., VPN to the computers with the problems while this is happening.  I could just go back to double NAT, but I'm curious now and would prefer to only change what's necessary.

    EDIT: more info.  The gateways are set to "Dynamic" and monitoring is enabled (Disable GW monitoring is unchecked).  I have load balancing and failover GW groups.


  • Found a similar issue here:

    The problem I'm seeing is exactly the same as this post - " reetp commented on Aug 10 "

    I also found more wan failover / recovery issues on the day I posted this.  I didn't save the links though.  No solutions there anyway.  Maybe old/known problem.

    Also described here.  Odd that DHCP on the WAN causes problems, but static wan ip doesn't.

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