VPN ipsec Windows 10

  • Hi everyone,

    Since one week, i try to realise an Ipsec authentication + shared key between windows clients and my pfsense firewall.

    From an iPhone with ipsec configuration, the connection work and i can access to my local network! :)

    From a Windows 10 computer, the connetion won't to work…

    Do you have a tutorial for configure IPsec with Windows 10 ?

    Thank you

  • If you are using IKEv2, I had to do add the following Registry Key:

    In there, add a new DWORD (If Windows 10, use DWORD 32bit) entry named DisableIKENameEkuCheck and set it to 1.

    That was able to get me to connect, but you will also have to enable split tunnel and add the LAN Gateway.  You can do this in PowerShell:

    Set-VpnConnection VPN_NAME -splittunneling $True

    Add-VpnConnectionRoute -ConnectionName "VPN_NAME" -DestinationPrefix -PassThru (*Edit change subnet to your LAN subnet)

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have try to add the Registry Key with no success.

    I have also try to execute the powershell command with no success again.

    Someone can send me a configuration in your pfsense for a compatibility with windows 8/10 ?

    Thank you !

  • Sorry that didn't work for you.  To get our VPN working, I just followed instructions here: