Routing all incoming traffic to another router.

  • We have a few PPPoE modems which are currently plugged directly into a physical pfsense install. We'd like to move this over to a virtual install and/or using CARP.

    I had originally looked around for some vdsl modems but none of them seem to run well, and cost a lot, so instead we've bought some small dual nic units to run pfsense on and plug the modem into that.

    What I need to do now is forward all traffic from this pfsense install to the main one(s).

    Currently got some spare hardware to mock this up, so these settings are as we're testing…

    As far as I thought, I would setup a gateway on the router connected to the modem, to the main box and then set a static route on this. But im a bit lost at what I do for the destination network to forward all traffic when incoming from the internet. I've tried, the real internet IP, and the internal network address but none seem to work.

    If I was lazy I could do 1:1 NAT, but this seems rough, unless im wrong and its the only way I can get this to work?