Interfaces routing

  • Hello, I'm struggling since 1 week :-/

    Mine is not a hard setup:

    wan -
    lan1 - - switch - server and clients
    lan2 - - switch - clients

    internet works with outbound nat, ping between lan1 clients and lan2 clients works.

    traceroute (between lan1 and lan2) doesn't work, so I think do I need to:

    1. add routing between lan1 and lan2? (if yes, how?)
    2. outbound nat from lan1 and lan2? (if yes, how?)
    3. create some gw for each network, next create a routing?
      I don't understand logical world of pfsense :-/

    easily I only need to permit the communication between 2NICs

    thanks thanks thanks :-)

    PS: where I found a complete howto to understand pfsense world?