Skip gateway don't work properly

  • good afternoon
    I had to implement dual vpn between two links who i have with my data center.
    I created two networks and defined one vpn tunnel with different ips for each tunnel.
    I had to assign a interface network for each tunnel in both sides of my firewalls.
    And finally i create two rules in lan tab with each gateway of each vpn tunnel.
    when i shutdown a link with my default tunnel the second tunnel doesn't make nothing. All packages lost in firewall. Because they still flow in the old rule.
    Theoretically if i have mark "Skip rules when gateway is down" the rule have to be ignored when the gateway goes down.
    But it's only have effect if i disable first rule of the firewall and so the packages initiate to flow from my backup tunnel.
    I think it's a bug, and i report this in this issue:
    But it was rejected.
    So, anyone have any idea ?