Pfsnese and a rented modem/router combo setup help.

  • Hello this is the first time I set up my own router with pfsense so if I leave some things out please tell me.

    I have a ARRIS TG1672G Router/Modem running my current network. the gateway IP is . I recently started playing around with networking and wanted to set up my own router to take more control over my network. I installed pfsense on a old dell PC and after all was said and done I could log into it at My problem starts when I try and set my router/modem into bridge mode so i can do all the routing,DHCP and firewall on the pfsense box. It happens when I turn all the wireless and firewalls off on the router/modem, turn dhcp off and switch it to bridge mode my router/modem turns on and Off and I am given a new gateway IP that looks odd [] To me it looks like a public Ip address witch seems like a really bad thing :{ I then cant get into the pfsense web config or the routers/modems webconfig and have to reset it to get everything back to default.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please let me know :)

  • When you are making your configuration changes on the router\gateway, are you connecting your computer directly to the router\gateway to make those changes?

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