Barrier Reef Setup and NAT

  • Ok, this is my first post and I will explain, what is going on as simply as I can.
    We have a so called "barrier-reef" firewall situation.

    One FW sits in front of our DMZ and is connected to its own DSL Modem.
    Behind the DMZ there is the pfsense FW connected to it are 2 Interfaces, one the internal workstations and the other one with our internal servers, plus one WAN connection.

    As one of our internal servers is a Notes machine, people want to connect to it via Web Interface on Port 443.

    DNS says, > (public IP), which is the pfsense interface of the DMZ and which is allowed in the first FW.

    I now need to be able to serv port 443 from which is the internal IP of the notes machine to people coming in from the DMZ.

    I am sure i need to do some outbound NATting, but I can't just figure this out.

    I give you the setup again:

    WAN >> FW >> DMZ >> FW  –- workstations
                                              |  --- internal servers

    Help is really appreciated...

  • Hope this helps:,7001.0.html

    And there are several posts asking the same in this this NAT forum.

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