Help choosing a switch

  • Hi i would like some help choosing a switch for use with pfsense. was looking at these

    Dell PowerConnect 3324

    I am not sure what to go for with pfsense do i need Managed/Unmanaged i will be getting a intel quad nic for the setup will any of these have issues?

  • I've seldom had issues with switches, although in the main I've stuck with Cisco, Foundry/Brocade and such. You will need a managed switch if you plan on using VLANs in your network - useful particularly if you have limited number of NICs and multiple network addressing requirements.

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    How many ports do you actually need/want?  Is this for your home setup?  Why would you be looking for switches off ebay if for a company install?

  • This is for a house 1 Ethernet per room/living rooms 8+1nas+1server for minecraft/variuse game servers a gaming room with another 7 for the consoles 1 for modem in and 1-2 for extra computers when i need to work on family's pc

    and for why ebay is its cheaper for me to do it that way and giving that they probably work just got changed out for an upgraded model.

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    If for home use sure outdated model for less $ is prob fine sure.  Yeah those are both managed switch, so should provide you prob pretty much all the features you might need for home use.  Vlan support being the big one.  As to all the other features they might support I would have to look.  Fully managed should include stuff like snmp for monitoring, sending of traps.  And many other bells and whistles that you may or may not need.  But would provide you with future proofing, for possible future use.