VLAN IP change problems

  • Hi. I have pfSense 2.3.2 running on an SG-2440.

    I have a VLAN (VLAN10) with IP 10.0.x.x/22, with DHCP configured appropriately. VLAN10 is used by UniFi APs to serve a guest network. Everything works.

    I'd like to change the IP range to 10.10.x.x/22. When I do this (also reconfiguring and restarting DHCP), I successfully obtain 10.10.x.x IP addresses when connecting devices to the guest wifi, but I can't get a successful connection to the outside world.

    If I switch VLAN10 back to 10.0.x.x, everything works again.

    Any advice?

  • At a guess, I'd say you need to change your firewall rules to accomodate the IP change. Just a guess of course, as you haven't posted any relevant config information or any screenshots of your NAT/firewall rules.

  • It's always the simple things. I had outbound NAT rules set to manual for no good reason. Flipped back to auto, and all is well. Thanks for the tip.