2 Wan, 2 network

  • Hello,

    My problem is probably a strange thing, but i don't have any choice and i must do that.

    I have 2 ISP :

    • WAN interface : - GW
    • OPT1 interface : - GW

    And 2 networks

    • LAN interface :
    • OPT2 interface :

    The LAN network must pass by OPT1 GW and the OPT2 network must pass by WAN GW. I can switch interface, but the 2 networks must use different gateway (WAN / LAN and OPT1 / OPT2 for example).

    I tried to set the route but i didn't find a way to do that

    Anyone have an idea or a start point to solve this problem ?


    Sorry if I maked mistakes in my sentences.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Not sure what your trying to route?

    So on your lan interface rules set the gateway you want these clients to use.  On your opt2 (lan2) rules set specific gateway to use.

    You going to want to have a rule above these rules that call specific gateway to allow traffic between your lan and opt2 network - if you want to allow this traffic.

    Also your going to want to make sure your outbound nat is setup correctly.. So I assume these pfsense wan address are made up.. since one is rfc1918 space and the other is public space at 11.11.11, etc.  So are both public or is one actually 10.10.10 and you made up the other one that is public to hide it?

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