IP-SEC Issue and Performance

  • I just got done testing my latest ALPHA build on my test server.  Everything seemed to be doing really good.

    So I fired up my VPN configuration all 4 of my 5 tunnels that I have configured.  3 of  the 4 came up no issues.  those where connecting with the following hardware:
      *Symantec VPN 100
      *Linksys VPPN Endpoint
      *NetGear 318 with VPN enpoint

    The major one is using a Symantec 320.  It was not able to connect due to phase 1 issues.  My test machines hard drive failed and I lost all the logs and can tell exact what was going on.  I can tell you the the description for the tunnel can't contain a period or exceed 63 characters.  That creates errors in the log and it fails.

    I had enabled auto update for the alpha and had just applied the latest update when the hard drive failed with bad sectors.  I going to try to dig up a different machine.  I lost about 4  hours of building my configuration.

    Question is if I rebuild to the current release on a different piece of hardware and restore my current configuration then uppgrade to the alpha will I havep to pmake any changes?

    I can't wait for final verison to be released.  it offers so much more.  Keep up the good work.


  • You can restore the configuration on a similar configuration (amount of nics, they may be different brands) and restore the xml config.

    This is the strongest point of pfSense, you can save and restore your configuration on any computer fit to run pfSense.

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