Combining a DSL and 4G LTE connection.

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to combine a DSL connection with a 4G LTE connection using VPN in order to get higher speeds on downlaod and upload.
    I want to do something close to the Speedify service.
    Is it possible for pfSense to do so and if yes does my ISP have to support MLPPP or it can be done without it?

    I am really sorry if there is already a question similar to mine to the forum but I looked it up and I couldn't find a clear response to my question.
    Also I am new to all these things so a simple response would be much appreciated!  ;D

    Thank you for your time.

  • Are the ISPs even the same?
    Also, I think generally, few support this.
    What you can easily get is a speedup on multiple connections, like for bittorrent or with a downloader that downloads several parts simultaneously.
    But speeding up 1 single down- or upload is a lot more work, and has greater requirements, like you already wrote.

  • @andipandi:

    speeding up 1 single down- or upload is a lot more work

    like not possible.
    If you combine two links you won't get added speed. 1+1 is not 2, it stays at 1+1.

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