PfSense install gets stuck on blank screen

  • I installed pfSense for the first time on my old desktop. Post the setup, the system rebooted, and the system got stuck post boot on a blank screen. After some time, the system booted again from the USB, which probably means the bootloader failed. I am not sure though what went wrong precisely. Trying to get this to work, really have no clue whats not working here!

  • I'm not sure what you expect anyone to suggest, given you've provided nil information. All I can suggest right now is this: Have you checked that your old desktop is 32-bit or 64-bit and are you booting with the correct PFS installation disk for your system type?

    Useful information might be what is on the screen when the system 'got stuck'? What is the hardware spec of your 'old desktop'? What comes up on screen prior to the 'blank screen' coming up? What version of PFS are you installing? If you can't provide at least this much information, you won't get much help from anyone who isn't a mindreader.

  • Sorry about the missing info, wasn't sure about what you'll need.

    Here's what you asked for:

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU.
    HDD: ATA Disk
    With 2 Ethernet adapters: RTL-8100/8101L/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

    Now about what happens. When I start the System, it shows the boot splash screen, and then the screen goes dark. If I keep the pfSense bootable USB attached, then the system plays the boot ping after about 10 minutes and boots from the USB, however if there is no bootable usb, then the blank screen remains forever(I left it for 3 hours and nothing).

    Please let me know if there is anything else you'd need to help!

  • This could be caused by any number of dozens of reasons. The information you've given is pretty much the bare bones of what anyone would need to work out the cause. And you haven't said what version of PFS you're installing either (32-bit or 64-bit), or whether your old desktop machine is a 32-bit or 64-bit machine. So I will repeat my previous question and ask if you're booting with the correct version of pfSense for your hardware? If you're trying to install a 64-bit version of software on a 32-bit machine, your installation will hang in just such a way as you describe. Please fully read any questions you get in response to your problem and try to answer them - otherwise you may as well just ignore what's being asked and try sorting things out yourself.