Triple WAN not performing correctly

  • Ill try to summarize this as best as I can. I moved to a new office that has two highly unstable 10/1 DSL Lines that were going into a cheap router. I ripped out everything put in a PF box and got Verizon to dial things in a bit and it is better but it still will randomly send RTT pings into the thousands sometimes for hours so it is not functional for our needs. I am in the process of getting cable installed but its going to take several months because of bureaucracy. In the mean time I realized a friend of mine lives very close "1500'" line of sight so I setup a bridge and shoot it over to my office and set it up as a third gateway. Now if i plug the bridge directly into my laptop I get 65/4 which is his full speed connection but as soon as I plug it into PF I can get it to go much over 20 reliably, I have tried making it the default gateway and even excluding all the other gateways from the routing groups. I can not for the life of me figure out why its going so much slower. The PF box is a core 2 duo machine and much beefier than it needs to be and its using Inter PRO nics. Anyone have an idea of where to start to figure out where the bottle neck is?

  • no one has any idea?

  • No specific advice, but is there anything in the System log about that interface?  What does the gateway quality graph show?  Which version of pfSense are you using?  Do you have any packages installed?

  • nothing in the sys log really jumps out at me, quality looks good and it even has better RTT times then the dsl lines do, 2.3.2-RELEASE,
    darkstat, iperf, ntopng, pfBlockerNG, squid, squidGuard are the only packages