DHCP6 reservation on wifi

  • Hi Guys,

    I did a static dhcpv6 reservation for my admin-laptop.
    When my laptop goes to sleep it does not return with it's ip6 address (it does not have 1 at all).
    Also, when RA is set to assisted (because i have android devices) the DHCP6-scope is not obeyed and the laptop(s) receive a completely different IP (not from the scope though in the range).

    Is there some tuning to be done? I have this on 2 laptops.

  • I am reading something that could cause it … preferred address expiration.

    At the moment i'm seeing "deprecated".

    after the lease expired it changed to FE80 which is now preferred....

    Is this by design ? ? ?

  • Could it be that ICMP in it's fully should be accepted by pfsense? And not only ICMP-reply?

    And 547udp…

  • strange thing this dhcpv6..

    lost the reservation again.

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