Developer Shell not changing WAN IP

  • Hello,

    I'm using PFSense 2.1.5 (for compatibility reasons, it's in use in our datacenter) and we're trying to modify the WAN IP using the Developer Shell.

    The Script I use is this:

    $config['interfaces']['wan']['ipaddr'] = "";
    $config['virtualip']['vip']['0']['subnet'] = "";
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item']['0']['gateway'] = "";

    When I execute it from the developer shell (#12 in option list) it DOES change the Virtual IP and the Gateway IP  but it does not change the WAN IP.

    I think that the config is modified because if in the WEB GUI I go to "Interfaces -> WAN" I see the new IP and I have to click "Save" then "Apply" to get it working.

    Also, if I reboot the pfsense (without "Saving & Applying") the new configuration is loaded successfully.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Maybe I need to use the CLI (#8 in option)?

    Thanks for the support.

  • I didn't  find a way to reset the WAN-IP from the developershell without a reboot.
    If anyone knows i'd like to hear about a solution without a reboot.
    My developer-shell solution looks like this

    $config['interfaces']['wan']['disabled'] = false;
    $config['interfaces']['wan']['ipaddr'] = "<ip>";
    $config['interfaces']['wan']['subnet'] = "<subnet>";
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item'][0]['gateway'] = "<gw>";
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item'][0]['name'] = "GW_WAN";
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item'][0]['interface'] = "wan";
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item'][0]['monitor_disable'] = true;
    $config['gateways']['gateway_item'][0]['defaultgw'] = true;

    exit  <- Systems reboot, is not executed