PFsense LDAP, Squid

  • Hey, i already tried the search funktion but nothing matched

    I have a Squid Proxy ( running on an PFS Box

    id like to let the Squid Authenticate with my LDAP

    I allready entered the Setting's in the "Auth Settings"

    Auth SRV: 192xxxx
    LDAP server user DN: cn=admin, dc=xxx, dc=local
    LDAP pwd: xxxx
    LDAP search filter: nothing

    it seems to work, when i stard surfing in firexox, i'll be promptet to enter a User and a Password

    but when i Enter the user and the passwd, he wont accept :-/ .. tryed serveral users , even the andmin .. no way?

    can someone help??

  • Here is the setup that it currently working for me!!

    Authentication method - LDAP
    LDAP version - 3
    Authentication server - (windows server IP address)
    LDAP server user DN - cn=administrator,cn=Users,dc=yourdomain,dc=co,dc=za
    LDAP password - (your password for the administrator account)
    LDAP base domain - dc=yourdomain,dc=co,dc=za
    LDAP search filter - sAMAccountName=%s

  • thx für reply,

    u are using an windows AD or?

    Im with Open LDAP, have i got to put my useres to a special groupe like "internet" or something?

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