Place a text file in webroot

  • Trying to install a free cert via lets encrypt. I've generate the csr and now it wants me to put a text file in my webroot to verify I own the domain.

    I tried the upload file feature but it ads it to /tmp

    It looks like the command prompt through the webgui is in the web root and I attempted to create a file with ee nameoffile and while it appears to say that the file is created…
    "new file "nameoffile"line 1 col 0 lines from t"

    but when I ls, the file is not there.

  • The base web directory is /usr/local/www I think.

  • Seems like I simply can't create files. I can create folders and when I refresh the page or close and come back the folder is still there when I ls, but if I create a file there's not error that the file couldn't be created, but it doesn't appear to save the file.

    Maybe I just don't know how to use ee properly?

  • No idea.  I shelled in, ran vi /usr/local/www/test.file and filled it with crap.  Saved, cat /usr/local/www/test.file, all good.

  • I was able to connect with scp and transfer a file. Thanks.

  • This post is deleted!

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