No SIP Registration after WAN reconnect

  • I have a problem with my pfsense. After the WAN reconnects the SIPs in my 3CX PBX are not connecting.
    After a reboot of the pfsense everything is working again until the next WAN reset.

    I set up the pfsense by the guide of 3CX:

    I was not able to solve the problem.
    Today I added a rule to keep the Port 5060 static, but that didn't do the trick.

    Can anyone help me out?

  • Up!

    I have the same question :)

    After reboot or reset from the pfsense the phones can do outbound calls but no incoming.

  • Look at the states to your ata device.

    Build a firewall rule on the WAN tab with your SIP server as the source and your ATA/VOIP device LAN address as the destination.
    Your ports may vary especially if your SIP server also does your actual RTP streams