Fatal errors with postfix

  • Started to get these repeatedly - when I thought I finally got postfix up and running :)

    seems to be mabye something croned - its very regular timing on the issue.

    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p25 #0 c39b63e(releng/10.1)-dirty: Mon Dec 21 15:20:13 CST 2015    root@pfs22-amd64-builder:/usr/obj.RELENG_2_2.amd64/usr/pfSensesrc/src.RELENG_2_2/sys/pfSense_SMP.10

    PHP Errors:
    [12-Sep-2016 23:04:00 Europe/Stockholm] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function sqlite_open() in /usr/local/www/postfix.php on line 476