Override domain.ext to ip?

  • I am trying to change the IP for a few domains, but after searching alot, and trying others tips. nothing work as expected.

    Nothing in the "host" textbox are saved at all.
    Nothing in the Domain resolves to the IP i chose.

    using pfSense (amd64) FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p31

    both dig and nslookup shows the real ip's.

  • Not enough detail.  Are you running the Forwarder or Resolver?  Are your clients using pfSense as their DNS?  Do you have firewall rules in place to prevent your clients from using external DNS?

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    if your doing host overrides yes there would be something in the host box, ie host and then domain.tld in the domain section.  You have to put it in the right area.. If you using forwarder then in the forwarder, if using resolver then in the resolver section.

  • I am using resolver, but figured out to add
    local-zone: "example.com" redirect
    local-data: "example.com 86400 IN A"
    in the advanced textbox above, and it worked like i wanted.

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    that is something completely different than a host override or a domain override..  With that your doing a wildcard for anything.example.com to