Local squid for IPsec VPN

  • I have searched online but not found anyone looking to do exactly what I would like to do - I have seen many people trying to access the remote side Squid, but I would like to create a local Squid proxy to go through the VPN.

    I have a site-to-site VPN up and working, used for location shifting in Asia.  The remote side has two interfaces - one for internet access locally (, and one for internet access through the VPN to America (  IPsec is up and working fine between two pfSense 2.3.2 boxes, and I can access internet correctly.

    I have a Squid proxy setup on the local access network (  What I would like to do would be to set up Squid on the VPN network as well, and have it locally cached to aid performance since there is over 300 ms latency to America from Asia.

    Could anyone give me any ideas as to how to set this up?