Igb NIC upload speed limitation

  • I have an IBM 3350 server with eight core and four onboard Intel NICs configured with igb drivers running a 200Mbps fiber into ISP. For some reason I cannot get more than 20Mbps on the upload but do get 100Mbps on the download. The status quo remain on both direct on the tin or via vbox virtualization.
    Any takers -

  • We're going to need more information.  How is everything wired up?  Are you connecting one of the NICs directly to the ISP gear?  Is there a switch in between? VLANs?  My first thought, especially if you're connected directly to ISP gear, is check that your NICs negotiation matches the port it's connected to.  Might need to be manually set; I've seen that happen with ISP provided Cisco gear, for example.

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