Falling bakc to a earlier version

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    I am using pfsense 2.3.2 the newest version. now that i am readin i have problems with the captive portal and not getting it to work, I see here and there that people have got it to work on earlier version, wise to fall back to that earlier version or figure out what can be the issue in the newest version?

    need advice because i am trying to get CP to work for 2 days without luck, I am goign to redo the entire pfsense tonight to start from scrap to see what i have missed

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    Easier and more secure to make it work on the current version. If you post in the captive portal board here with more detail about how it's not working, someone can help you fix it.

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    If I had to guess part of his problem could be related to running multiple layer 3 networks over the same layer 2.  There is a thread about that, and then there is also a thread about using the forwarder or the resolver what is the difference and using forwarder for cp, etc.  There there is a thread that mentions trying to go to https sites first before auth to the cp.

    Im with jimp though you need to post up the actual details of your CP issue.  You have multiple things going on it seems, trying to use squid and the cp from one thread is another possible issue.

    If you post up the full details, what packages your using how you have your network setup and your captive portal setup and what is not working with it.. Sure there are plenty of people here to work through your issues with you.

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