Wires Only Fibre Circuit

  • Hi All,

    I have used pfSense for years now and love it.

    However I have just had a new Fibre "Wires Only" Circuit delivered.

    I have setup a few installations with a providers who provide managed routers, which is easy, just setup pfSense with a WAN IP Address as usual and do NAT as normal, and you're away

    However with a Wires Only Circuit there is no Cisco Router in the middle.

    Can pfSense be setup to do this routing ?

    The details from the provider are as follows: (I have changed IP Addresses for security)

    WAN Subnet :
    WAN Subnet Mask : /30
    WAN IP :
    WAN Default Gateway :

    Routed IP's Network Number :
    Routed IP Mask : /29
    Routed First Host :
    Routed Last Host :
    Routed Broadcast Address :

    Would I need 2 x pfSense installations to handle this. One to perform the routing and the other to perform the NAT side of things ?

    If someone could shed some light on this, that would be great :)

    Thanks, Scott  :)

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