The million Dollar Question - Probably asked before

  • HI All,

    I am interested in Installing Pfsense

    I am sorry that this question has probably been asked in many posts. Some I have read through and some I have unknowingly missed but I have yet to find the specifics

    What is the recommended hardware specs for running PfSense ?

    For example

    Dual core CPU 1.4ghz + Support for AES
    4gb Ram
    Dual NICS
    32gb HDD SSD

    I appreciate the answer is not as clear cut as it depends on what you want to do with it.

    I apologies if I have missed a sticky note somewhere .

    To expand on my question I am very interested in Intel NUC's and in particular what is going on over at and their M2 Dual Gigabyte LAN

    Obviously power draw is a concern so I would be leaning towards the Intel Atom Variant.

    They are hopefully soon going to release the latest Gen of processors so would be looking into the latest Atom maybe an X7 which is a much preferred quad core .

    Are Atom processors suitable for Pfsense ?

    Any input would be great as I am trying to put all the pieces together in my mind

  • A quick Google found these.  The pfSense Hardware page will answer some of your questions.  Atom is already a CPU in pfSense shipping hardware.