Petty cosmetic issues and such

  • I love the things taking shape in 1.3, but here are a few minor cosmetic things I've noticed. I know 1.3 is a work in progress, so just take this as one users .02

    1. The interface assignment asks for WAN first now instead of LAN. There's probably a reason, but I'm used to LAN first and have to check myself to avoid setting WAN to the IF I wanted for LAN.

    2. New interface pages are getting really busy with all the options. Perhaps the selections specific for Static/DHCP/PPPeE/PPTP could be hidden if unless the interface type is set for that type?

    3. AON now auto-creates a rule to NAT WAN on WAN. Crazy. Also, if the interface is set for DHCP and doesn't have an IP, it sets the source to /.

  • 1. WAN is the only required interface now. This for appliance purposes.

    2. We will take this into consideration. Good point.

    3. This is a bug when switching from automatic generated rules to manul rules. We'll add it to the fix list.

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