Anyone using Bower?

  • A couple of LAN users have started using the Bower package which I haven't seen before.
    They are telling me what should take seconds is taking minutes - doing updates. They think it's through port 80 and I can't see anything being blocked on the pfsense.

    Anyone used this package manager before through pfsense?

    (v 2.2.2)

  • Administrator

    I doubt anything is being blocked, but you haven't provided much information to go off. It could be bad traffic shaping, possibly IPv6, or you just have a slow connection compared to what they're used to.

    It could very well be a configuration issue (dependency management is a fun game to play) on their local machine, for instance:

    I've had issues with git being slow before, and it turned out to be an ipv6 issue and I had to use the -4 flag until it was resolved (although I've slept since then and don't remember how it was resolved).

    happy troubleshooting!

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