Pftop questions

  • I have been trying to analyze throughput issues.  Someone seems to be using up alot of bandwidth on the network and I am trying to isolate which IP or PC is consuming most of my T1.

    I have been looking at pftop from the console or via SSH.  Number 7 is a Speed view and I tried to sort by using the letter R from the advanced menu so it will show me the ip's using the the T1 in order from highest to lowest.  The problem is when I look at the traffic graph and the fptop window I do not see the same amount of bandwidth being used on both screens.

    Ho can I get pftop to list the current throughput in a sort order so I can see the actual throughput per connection listed from highest to lowest?  I am also pressing the space bar key to update quickly.

    I have also tried using ManageEngines free netflow connector but I end up having to wait about 5-10 minutes before getting acurate info.  I would prefer a windows based solution which is free if recommending something other than pftop.


  • Figured it out.  Had to do Capital R (Shift R)

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