Do I really need AES and QI

  • I hope I said that right. Very average home user with no real experience with routers other than the cable modem and my Asus AC 88U wireless router. I do have TimeWarner with 300DL, I forget the exact upload. Two kids and a wife, all are on their cell phones. A freenas server for Plex and back-ups and right now two Amazon Fire Tv's mostly for Kodi and two Roku's for the Plex but will probably upgrade them to Amazon Fire for the Kodi experience. We may do Netflix and decrease our cable bundle but who knows. May share Plex with my other son and parents but not yet (they are out of state)

    My Pfsense question is I want four nic's and I like the price of the Amazon box most people reference…about 300.00 with 8gb and a 120gb ssd.  I keep getting hung up on the AES and QI, not officially supported yet but maybe? Seems like a big jump in price.  Do I really need it? I have no idea what packages I will be running yet as its all still new to be but I imagine it will be on the basic side. Just want to improve security a little bit.

    Appreciate the thoughts.

  • Those features are to speed up VP encryption.  If you're not setting up OpenVPN, you probably don't need to worry about it.

  • Thank you very much. Ironically, openVPN was one of the packages I was thinking about running but still trying to figure how it differs from other VPN services. I currently have PIA that I use occasionally.

    Thanks again.

  • Here something about the OpenVPN performance:

  • Do I really need AES and QI

    Might be that you are not needing it really, but if you are using IPSec it will be perhaps better
    to have AES-NI to speed up your IPSec VPN and if QI is fully integrated and will be used in
    pfSense it might be fine pushing up more then only one or two things how knows it really?

    As an WiFi ac AP you might be better sorted with your old one, that will be pimped up with
    OpenWRT or DD-WRT regarding to the given functions and options. Otherwise UBNT and
    MikroTik will be able to serve you better too in my eyes according to the range of WiFi options.

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