NAS as Separate Interface?

  • I currently have a pfSense box w/ 3 ethernet ports. Due to location constrictions, I am attempting to setup the following:

    eth0 -> WAN
    eth1 -> LAN, (switch connected to access point, wired devices, etc)
    eth2 -> NAS,

    I have attempted to setup the NAS as its own interface, then bridge this connection to LAN. I am able to ping the NAS IP, but trying to access the HTTP front-end sends me to the pfSense login.

    I also attempted to remove the bridge and instead create a rule to allow all traffic on NAS interface, but I still have the same results.

    Is this a possible setup? Am I overlooking additional configuration options?  Are there disadvantages to this setup?

    Thank you in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Why do you have to route traffic to the NAS? Why not just put it on LAN on a switch port?

  • The NAS IP should be on a network that is and be set to DHCP or a static IP in that network. The .1 address should be reserved for the interface gateway for eth2. Then do the rules to allow to access it from your LAN ips or the network.

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